Hong Kongers, Honey and Mead
Hong Kongers enjoy cuisine from all over the world, including a variety of fine wines. While France's Champagne, Italy's Prosecco, and Spain's Cava are well-known sparkling wines, few know about the "nectar of the gods" that has been prepared for us by heaven. The raw materials for this special sparkling wine are naturally fermented honey found in the countryside surrounding the metropolis, resulting in the creation of the "Honeymoon" Sparkling Mead.
A Sweet Taste Exclusive to Hong Kongers
Despite a lack of grain and agricultural products suitable for brewing in the highly urbanized city of Hong Kong, the city has a longstanding beekeeping tradition, with even hundred-year-old apiaries producing a variety of unique honey including Wildflower honey, Longan honey, Lychee honey, and Ivy Tree honey. CITIBREW HK Brewery uses different varieties of honey and creatively pairs them with fruits, natural spices, and local ingredients to produce the unique flavors of the "Honeymoon" Sparkling Mead. This sparkling mead has the aroma of Champagne and the sweetness of honey, making it a truly distinctive beverage.
In recent years, Hong Kongers have shown a growing interest in handcrafted fermented beverages, with over a dozen microbreweries producing various types of craft beer in the small city. Founded in 2014, CITIBREW HK Brewery is located in Tsuen Wan and draws inspiration from local stories to create craft beers that Hong Kongers can be proud of and relate to, including Tough Ladies IPA, Gentlemen Stout, Karate Damashii Bitter-Melon Summer Ale, BeWater IPA, and “This City is …” series.

In addition to producing craft beers, the brewery actively incorporates foreign trends and local elements to develop new products. In 2021, they introduced the "Honeymoon" sparkling mead series, which is fermented solely with pure honey and revitalized the oldest fermented beverage through modern craft brewing techniques. CITIBREW HK Brewery is also dedicated to promoting the craft brewing culture by offering DIY workshops and kits for consumers to experience the joy of brewing. Their various products are also available in local restaurants and retail markets, constantly bringing new choices and surprises to the Hong Kong market.