DIY Mead
DIY Mead

"Honey wine is so delicious, can I make it at home?"

Even if you have no experience, you can confidently brew your own honey wine (mead), and we offer two ways to do it:

1. Join the "DIY Mead Homebrewing Workshop + Brewery Tour" in collaboration with kkday and the brewery.

Using a special brewing jar, two people can confidently work together to create about 2 liters of premium honey wine with an alcohol content of approximately 12%. You can even add your favorite ingredients and wait for one month of fermentation to create a unique and unforgettable taste. The finished product is perfect for sharing with four people and makes for an excellent gift for your loved ones.

With the rich experience of the brewmaster, you can learn the entire process and techniques of making mead, as well as knowledge about honey collection and fermentation. You can also visit the brewery and witness the brewing process of the "Honeymoon Sparkling Mead Series" up close. This small group tour experience is like visiting a private winery, and you even have the chance to taste the "fresh sparking mead of the day" from the fermentation tank, which is full of surprises!

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2. DIY Mead Homebrew Kit

If you want to DIY at home, a complete and easy-to-follow brewing kit is perfect for you! With years of experience, we simplifies all the complicated steps. You only need a clean environment and follow a few simple steps in the instructions, and then wait for one month of fermentation, you can brew a jar of honey wine with a golden color and an alcohol content of about 12%. It is easy to learn and requires no experience, making it the perfect gift for loved ones!

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