"Honeymoon" Sparkling Mead Series
"The first Hong Kong sparkling mead uses pure honey natural fermentation methods and is sweet & precious. It combines modern brewing techniques and local elements to produce a series of sparkling meads that are light, delicate, and refreshing.

It pairs well with salads, cheese, seafood, smoked meats, and desserts. The "Honeymoon" sparkling mead series, with its local characteristics, is a new representative of Hong Kong sparkling wine, showcasing the modern side of mead. Opening a bottle of "Honeymoon" is a joyful moment with a ceremonial touch. Even those who rarely drink will fall in love with it instantly.
"Honeymoon" Longan Honey Sparkling Mead
Local longan honey is rich and fragrant, naturally fermented with champagne yeast, and the brewer uses noble hops to add a touch of lime and white grape fragrance. The delicate bubbles and golden body release a faint honey fragrance, sweet but not greasy, light and delicious.
ABV 4.5% | 375ml
"Honeymoon Rose" Rose and Hibiscus Sparkling Mead
The rose and hibiscus flowers fall into the sweet honey river, as if the world is dyed pink with love. Carefully selected local organic hibiscus flowers are paired with Bulgarian roses, brewing together with wildflower honey, taking a sip to evoke deep affection for this city.
ABV 4.5% | 375ml
"Honeymoon LUST" Pomegranate Perfume-lemon Sparkling Mead
Using Korean superfood pomegranate vinegar, combined with honey and local organic Perfume-lemon peel. Red pomegranate represents the origin of life in both the East and West, and symbolizes abundance, fertility and love. The Foodpron-level wine label design, in collaboration with local artist @ava.monstergal, brings a different sexy imagination. The fragrant and sweet honey; the seductive pomegranate, permeated with a unique scent of lemon, and the ruby-colored body make people fall under its spell.
ABV 4.5% | 375ml
"Final Fantasy" Lime-on-Lemongrass Sparkling Mead
"Final Fantasy" bring you back to Pattaya beach or the playground of HK band REVERY! It's fun, bright and refreshing, and flavoured with honey twist. Enjoy it on its own or mix with it gin or tequila for the perfect playmate cocktail - beyond delish!
ABV 4.5% | 375ml