What is Mead?
What is Mead?
MEAD is a type of wine made from pure honey that is naturally fermented. The process involves diluting honey with water and fermenting it with yeast. Mead is believed to be the oldest fermented drink in human history and was popular throughout the entire European continent during the Middle Ages. The sweet and delicious drink was called "Mead of Poetry" by the Vikings and was thought to inspire creativity and poetry. Mead is also the most expensive fermented drink to produce. In ancient Europe, the royal couple would drink mead for a month to symbolize happiness, sweetness, and fertility, which is the origin of the term "HoneyMoon".

Although mead was lost during the industrialization period, it has gained popularity again in recent years with the rise of craft beer culture. Pop culture works such as "Game of Thrones", "Lord of the Rings", and "Vikings" have mentioned mead, bringing more attention to this sweet brew.

Now, mead has become an increasingly popular drink in some countries, especially in the United States. In addition to traditional sweet mead, sparkling mead has also become more popular. The addition of carbon dioxide makes it richer in taste and more like a sparkling wine. Moreover, different fruits and ingredients can be added, and it can even be aged in barrels to add unique flavors and character. Mead has become one of the most popular categories in the emerging alcoholic beverage market. Since 2011, the market has grown by over 130%, becoming the fastest growing alcoholic beverage market in Europe and America.

If you haven't tried mead yet, it is an interesting type of wine that is worth a try. Not only because of its history and cultural background, but also because it is a unique and delicious brew. So, find a good bottle of mead and enjoy the wonderful experience it brings!
The perfect Mead serving
Mead Glassware
Sparkling Mead is best server cold in a white wine, teku or a Tulip-shaped sparkling wine glass.
Cellaring wine:
The ideal mead storage temperature is between 12-15°C. Mead bottles should be stored standing.
Serving Mead
Mead can be served at room temperature or chilled, depending on type. Sparkling Mead can be chilled like white wine for a refreshing way to cool off, while a fuller-bodied or high ABV sweeter mead goes well over ice with a meal or neat as an after dinner drink.
Storing an open bottle of Sparkling Mead
To keep your bottle of Sparking Mead fresh after having opened it, we advise to store the bottle between one to three days maximum in the fridge with a sparkling wine stoppper.
Versatile Pairings
Perfect for festive gatherings like champagne bubbles
Pairing with cheese, various seafood, smoked meats or desserts is even more exquisite.
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